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We share a passion to help individuals ”Realise their full potential”. We appreciate we all have different backgrounds, different upbringings and different cultures. We also appreciate that every person has an inherent desire to be the best they can be, irrespective of gender, age, skin colour, education, marital status or financial means.

As a couple we have realised the huge impact, personal development has on individuals. We appreciate how, “Understanding how our mind works”, “Who we are” and “what makes us tick” has had on our personal lives. As a result, our desire is to share the principles we have learnt with others.

Over the past two decades we have had the incredible opportunity to share what we have learnt with literally hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe and often address audiences in their thousands. Our goal is to impact individuals from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, from the unemployed youth to major players in the corporate arena.

Our expertise lies in the fact that we are a couple and appreciate that men and woman think and operate on very different levels, so we can provide different perspectives on different concerns.

Success means different things to different people but we believe in a holistic approach to life. We are able to, by example show others how a marriage should work as we share an envied relationship with our three adult children and three grandchildren. This qualifies us to speak as a couple so that you the reader or participant in one of our courses gets input from both a male and a female point of view, with regards to relationships, business decisions, parenting and goal setting. Our knowledge has been acquired over 35+ years in business. What we teach can be utilised in the home, at work and in social environments.

One thing is very clear, everyone devoid of our differences  has dreams and aspiration although sometimes buried. We are happiest and most fulfilled when we see lives change, self esteem raised, goals achieved and those that we are working with ”Realise their full potential”

Our Story

Who is ”Dynamic Together” – well, to give you some perspective we may have to start at the very beginning. We met at a very young age through a family circle and a love for baseball. We went on our first date when we were thirteen, obviously separated and went our own way. We then both got married and divorced in our adult lives. We reunited some years later at the age of thirty with a clear-cut goal never to get involved or married again so this may be where we need to start, never say never or no not me.

We have learnt lessons the hard way, both growing up in families with very little money, families where dreams were about other people. We were both raised in a single-parent household and neither of us experienced memorable family holidays, hence our absolute passion to travel and travel in style.

One of the most valuable lessons we learnt on our journey was that your past is not your future. Shortly after we started dating, we made a brave decision to go into business together. This was our first real exposure to dream stealers as none of our family shared our excitement. We however appreciated that our vision would ruffle some feathers, but we were not prepared to play chicken.

We started our business in a one bedroom flat and built it up to owning three factories. We look at that as a great achievement and it provided well financially, but there were certainly negatives. The negatives associated with owning your own business. Cash Flow, Staff, Stock, Debtors, Creditors and major time constraints. We were constantly stressed and realised we were not moving in the direction of our value system, which was family first. It is so easy to get caught up in a work situation. You believe you are doing the best you can to provide, without understanding the long term effects of your efforts. So many people in their senior years find themselves regretting many of the things they didn’t do and feeling guilty for all the time they spent chasing shiny objects. We wanted our lives to be different.

We discovered while dating the very many things we had in common. One being our shared belief that we could both be better. We both had the desire to commit to personal growth. Personal growth meant reading, reading and more reading as well as listening to hundreds of podcasts and attending any function where we could learn and grow. We also understood the power of association, for you are who you associate with.

While neither of us have a degree we became completely obsessed with how the mind works and what make us tick. We did exercises to establish our personality style and the strengths and weaknesses associated with them. We looked at things like our love languages and made discoveries on how we best learnt new skills. We discover the importance of setting goals and seeing them through. We understood what a huge impact our self talk had on our future success. We were also open to mentorship from anyone who had a lifestyle we admired.

This prompted us to enhance our skills and we are now both certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioners, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioners, Transformational Coaches and NLP Life Coaches and “I” Tracy am a Certified Facilitator. Subsequently, we have mentored and coached individuals on business, marriage and relationships.

Prompted by our love for people and the results we have achieved while conducting one on one counselling sessions, we embarked on a project which was always a dream. We put together our own training program called Realise Your Full Potential which ignites a passion within us every time we teach it. What we love best is that the program can be carried out in schools, corporates, church groups etc as the main teaching revolves around the individual.

We are at our best when we are impacting lives.

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