Realise your full potential 

Realise your full potential is a program we developed over a number of years. We were totally mesmerised by all the things we had learnt on various topics and how they affected our lives. We found ourselves continually coaching and using the principles we had discovered to help others. We also discovered that what we thought were basic skills were quite foreign to most.

The beauty of the program is that it can be used in the home, at the office, with church groups or even with school going teenagers. The whole idea behind the program is to assist others to Realise their full potential.

The program can be broken down into different modules and a course could run anywhere between one and three days. The longer the course the more comprehensive the information.

The program covers four main modules but can be broken down and dissected depending on the needs of the company, church or school.

The ideal workshop has anywhere between 20 and 30 delegates but courses for smaller groups can also be arranged. Once the numbers exceed 30, we do best giving talks as opposed to workshopping.

In module one we look at who we are as individuals. We look at our personality profile and how this propels us forward or holds us back. We examine the Five Love Languages and learn to give people what they are looking for.. We also examine our value system, how we learn and how responsible we are financially.

In module two we examine how the mind works. We look at human potential and how much of it we are using. We examine Life’s Fundamental Principles and we look at Emotional Intelligence. We also highlight why we need to get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. This is essence, helps us understand, what holds us back and what we could do to change our circumstances.

Module three gets us to look at what makes us tick. We examine things like Our Perfect Day, What Makes Us Happy and in addition to that we learn how to set goals in line with our new vision. We study our daily habits and learn new skills, to get to what it really is we are looking for, in all aspects of our lives.

Module four looks at the Importance of Teamwork and who you are as a Leader. We look at what it takes to build a winning team. We focus on Alignment, Identity, Common Goals and Rewards. Teams that play together, win together. We examine your leadership style, we explain that leadership does not always come with a title and we examine where you are in the different stages of leadership.

Motivational talks

Apart from our workshop/courses we also do corporate talks. We can cover numerous topics namely:

Teamwork, Leadership, Goal Setting, Time Management, Potential, People Skills, Efficacy, etc.

The magic in our talks, lies in the fact that we do them as a couple and focus on the needs of both the male and female, in the home and at the office. So often conflict can be avoided if we just appreciate we are all different and we all have different needs.


Due to the fact that we have so many options for you to choose from, we price all our courses/talks individually based on your specific needs. Should you wish to make an enquiry please go to our contact us page, send us your details and your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.