Both Anzelle and I really enjoyed the day today. We wanted to say thank you for giving us so much experience and knowledge in such a short time. You really did put a wonderful program together.Thank you for all the mentoring & leadership that you constantly give us when you see us. We really appreciate it and you are very important to us.

Anzelle & Brendan Cooney
CEO Advicast Multi Media

We just wanted to thank you for the amazing work shop we had on Saturday, it was truly inspiring and came at the right time. We needed to re-look at some of our goals and objectives for this year and just get back on track, so a big thanks. It made us realise that we need to be more grateful,  focus our attention on what is important and not the day to day tasks that make us go off track.We are truly blessed to be associated with you both.

Mike & Kat Pretorius
Sales representative Cater Smart

I truly believe that that was one of the most practical workshops that I have ever been to, I often attend workshops and seminars but what stuck out for me the most is your sincere and genuine approach to helping people become better and realise their full potential.There were so many great realisations for me and what was most inspiring was the realisation that I need to work harder on understanding others, just as hard as I do on understanding myself, what their love language is and what personality types they are. Communication is imperative as we live in a world that is filled with different personality types so that is something that I am definitely putting as a priority in my life and looking forward to practicing.I am so grateful towards you because you are not only a great inspiration but a living testimony that “dreams really do come true” I wish you Gods favour in everything that you do

Litha Booi
MD Networth Africa

We loved the course, we feel that it really covered all the major areas which define our identities and values. We have already done most of the tests we went through in the past but to do it again was absolutely necessary, we found areas where we changed and areas that need more positive attention. We loved the interaction and as always, you and Martin presented with so much energy and passion.We would recommend this course to anyone – thank you very much.

Carlien Pieterse
Personal Assistant

We really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about ourselves. I think a course like this always forces you to re-evaluate your life. I would have loved for the course to be spread out over 2-days as the info can be overwhelming. Maybe do the questionnaires the Friday night and the rest the Saturday. This will also allow for some of the exercises to be done more in-depth. Personal development is a broad topic so it is difficulty to decide what to put in and what to leave out. I think this was a nice overview course and maybe you guys can schedule some follow-up short courses like for example Goal setting, etc.I always think that a course like this, is difficult as you touch on difficult topics that most of us do not always take the time to figure out.I loved the fact that the course was intimate and personal …as I could relate to many of your personal stories.You guys really are easy to listen to.Thank you very much as we could see all the effort and caring that went into your course preparations.

Karin Ayres

Thanks for a very pleasant day, I arrived with trepidation and expectation, but very quickly became so involved with the ‘work’ that I started noticing the people around me, and their reaction times and understanding of the content of the exercises. I found the whole workbook interesting and realise how much work went into compiling it.I am comfortably aware of the need to overcome my procrastination and am seriously looking at every avenues to make it something of the past.
Any further help from you guys is welcome. Thanks again for the day

Ockie Botha
Mining Industry

“What was incredibly engaging about this workshop was that it was lead by a married couple who’s support and understanding of each other was so remarkable, that it made the content tangible and simple to relate too and apply in my personal life and workplace.”

Darryl Pitt
Financial Advisor

Unlocking your full potential’ was one of the most personally enlightening workshops I’ve been on. It promotes a sense of self awareness as well as being aware of other people’s personalities and how to manage them. I found this especially helpful when applied in my corporate job as I find these are aspects we lose sight of as we progress in our careers. We also learnt about the concept of positive self talk. This is something I had heard of but had never been taught how to practice or apply. This skill was a key lesson which I took from the course. The ‘love languages’ section of the workshop is particularly helpful in personal relationships with family members and loved ones. I was reminded in this workshop of what I am truly capable of as an individual.

Chrystal Cape
Chartered Accountant, Manager of External Reporting
Standard Bank Group

I attended Realise your full potential, a program by Martin and Tracy Hutchins. The overall goal of the course was excellent. I thought that the general approach of developing and completing the exercises in class before going out was effective and worthwhile. The structure of the course was brilliant. Considering the amount of knowledge we received from two highly successful individuals with enormous amount of expertise in the field of business and personal development.The lessons learnt from the program have enriched my professional career as an engineer. Reaching and setting higher goals by eliminating negative beliefs.To fully understand how your mind works and what impact your beliefs have on any given situation, will determine the relationship you have with your clients and business partners.I will highly recommend attending this program and looking forward to future programs.

Benito Pagotto
Electrical Engineer

I just want to give you some feedback pertaining to the course we did on Realising  your full Potential a few weeks ago. We, namely Sonja and myself found the course to be stimulating, full of learning and wisdom, and of great value, especially in terms of our understanding of ourselves and each other. I found that I now can communicate better, understand better, and just in general, be a better person and husband than prior to this course. I was made aware of a number of things that I had to be cognisant of, but wasn’t, and the awareness that I now have makes for a much more interesting, and enjoyable, life, both with my wife and kids, and also at work. I learned so much in such a short time, and I look forward to following this up with a relook at me as a person and husband, in a few months’ time, to see how much I have grown, and still need to grow.

Dimmen Kieviet
Business Consultant and Process Architect Engineer

The “Realise your full potential” workshop was certainly one of the most valuable, significant and fulfilling workshops I have been privileged to attend in a very long time!

I have known for many years that knowing one’s own good as well as not so good points, are crucial for survival in the Corporate World. During my 34 years in Corporate, I attended many workshops, training days, conferences and discussion forums both locally and in Europe and the USA. Most of them were very interesting and at the time felt “great”, “fantastic”, “inspiring” and many other memories come to mind, and yet, not one of them gave me the feeling and experience of that crucial factor – “personal touch” and the feeling of “hey man, they are talking to me specifically”!

PLUS, I have something to build from! Martin, Tracy you gave all who attended Saturday, 21 February 2015 a well-stocked “bag of goodies” to use and share with our team and future team members! THANKS!!!

As far as specific feedback, the following;
– I would have loved spending more time understanding my core value – I thought this part was the most valuable by far! I found it difficult to complete, maybe because you cannot hide “checking” or rather, confronting oneself!?
– Doing the “personality Profile” again was an eye opener and I could not believe how true it is – I am really going to study this more and maybe, just maybe I can read people better after………….

Martin, Tracy I could add a lot more, but I will stand with these comments, THANKS again and I am SO LUCKY to be associated with you two as a couple.

Marius J L Knipe
Small Business Owner Driving School

After attending the workshop I not only got a better understanding of different personalities but could also use the knowledge to be a better leader. We could also apply some of the lessons in our management team with great results. In a world of diminishing time, the lessons on core values was invaluable. Once I realised my core value, I could focus my attention on what really matters to me and not be distracted by all “cyber” information in the world today.

Greg Talbot
Business Owner Taltec

Realise your full potential ! A course that helps you get to grips with who you are and what you can become. Opens your mind to what is possible and exposes you to the action you need to take to get there. Martin and Tracy Hutchins present this course in a professional, exciting, attention riveting way. A must attend if you want to move on!

Graham Morgan
Akita Business Solutions

The reason why I wanted to attend this workshop:
I wanted to find out where I was and where I want to go
I have always been someone that does not really believe that I deserve the best in life
I had my dreams and so on, but was wondering: Why am I not where I want to be?
Martin and Tracy have been role models for me for a number of years, and I saw this as an opportunity to overcome some of the obstacles for not moving forward and for not achieving my goals and dreams

Then I did attend the workshop and found the following:
Realise your full potential helped me in very specific ways by using, amongst other tools:
The 5 Love languages – This really assisted me in understanding myself better and to see why frustration sometimes set in with relationships and also to understand better what makes other people tick. (It is not all about me!!)
I found the Value determination a real eye-opener! I did this exercise on my own before, but with guidance it made a lot more sense.
I made point of doing “Choose the Happiness Habit” for 21 days – what an awesome experience!!
It was also quite an experience to realise the power of the Subconscious mind and how the past can influence the future and the effort it will take to change your own programming and beliefs.
The section on Making things happen helped a lot when the questions are answered honestly to myself.

What did I do after the event:
In my mind I am always busy. But, I realised that I can run my life better with better planning skills.
I immediately put some measures in place to simplify my life.
I organised my workplace. (Filing, etc) This helped me to work more effectively and get more done on a daily basis.
I put a daily schedule in place to know when I must do what.
On a personal level I have joined Curves for a training programme as well as an eating plan. I have specific goals to achieve and have a couch to guide me through this process.

What did I enjoy most?
Once again, the power of associating with successful people
I love to follow the Daily deliberate actions. (Although I do not always finish all of them daily yet – I am getting there)
As an Educator these principles are very powerful to apply in all areas of my work

Annatjie Swart
Co-Owner Prodigy Education CC

The workshop I attended in February was an amazing experience and I want to thank both of you for bringing it to my attention.It was an intensive study of myself that I would never have done it, if it were not for the both of you. What I specifically enjoyed about the whole workshop, was the way you (as a couple) did it together and how comfortable you are with each other.The manual we received was invaluable and I often refer back to it if I experience trouble in certain aspects that I battle with. It just makes it easy to turn back a few pages and pick up where we worked through it together.Thank you for including me in this exercise and I sincerely hope there are more in the pipeline!You are certainly a blessing to many out there and we appreciate what you have done so far for my family and I regarding relationship building as well as understanding ourselves.

Ronell Talbot
Small Business Owner

I approached Martin and Tracy Hutchins due to a lack of self-esteem as a result of past failures. Martin and Tracy helped me by realising that where I am today is the result of decisions I made in life. By defining and understanding who I am (Personality Profile) and how I am investing my time, I was able to identify my strengths, and the need to enhance them, as well as weaknesses that I need to work on to enable me to be more successful as a business owner.
The result was that I am able to make things happen due to the principle that I focus on things within my control, identifying what is holding me back and what to do in order to overcome this.
One thing I liked was their knowledge and enthusiasm in which they presented the information. Their passion to help people realise their full potential was eminent in the way they shared years of knowledge and experience with me. I found the experience life changing because I now understand that the distance between my dreams and my reality is action. My daily deliberate actions will lead to achieving my goals, and that in turn will lead to realising my dreams and becoming the person I was meant to be.
I would recommend Martin and Tracy to individuals as well as businesses who wants to expand their potential in order to become more successful.

Andries Coetzee
General Manager information technology

I want to thank you for the “Realise your full potential” course we did with you a while ago. The most valuable thing I learnt was how to understand myself better and how my wife could also learn to understand me in a different light and visa versa.It also made me understand diversity and why people working for me, react in the way they do. It was just stunning. Thank you very much !

Jako Breytenbach
Owner Megan’s Meringues

If anyone is living from one day to the next, without having found a purpose, Realise Your Full Potential Workshop, will help them find themselves and simplify their life. This workshop helps remove clutter in our lives and enables us to focus on what really matters. My favourite section was understand my “core value system.” This process puts us in a space where we can slow down a bit and think about how and where we are spending our time and energy. As a result, it also encourages us to think about where it is that we really want to be investing our time and energy, in line with things that matter in our lives. I believe that, when more people are exposed to this workshop, they stand a better chance of changing their lives and get in touch with how they truly want to live.

Makame Monnakgotla
Author & Entrepreneur

The value for Annie and myself you was that we got more clarity on what our priorities are in relation to our core values and where we spend our time. We realised that we need to spend more time in areas where we want to grow. We also appreciate the clarity of what is holding us back form achieving. Annie said she was chocked to see what occupies her mind and the effect thereof on reaching our full potential.I like the workbook because we can review the work to enforce the things we need to do to achieve.

Hugo Van Der Bijl
Logistics & Expediting Manager
Worley Parsons

Realise your Full potential is an extraordinary workshop as it assists in building fulfilling relationships. It helps to set a direction so that you can take charge of your life and your career and without fear accomplish more than you ever thought possible and in so doing creating happiness in all aspects of your life.

Tracey Krumples
Swim School Owner